How To Use Rainwater To Drive Away Evil Spirits From Your Life



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Applying rainwater to drive away evil spirit is not something cumbersome.

All you need is salt; preferably rock salt .

Here Are The Steps To Follow;

Drop about seven pieces of rock salt in a cup of rainwater and sprinkle it around your room.


Doing this will drive out evil spirits which disturb you at night.

Sprinkle some around your house to make them powerless and unable to enter your house.

2. Everybody needs favour , recommendation and promotion in their life no matter who you are.

Are you aware that you can increase favours in you life with rainwater ?

How to gain favours, recommendation and promotion in your life :

Just Fetch a cup of rainwater and use it to wash your face early in the morning before talking with anyone.

If possible ,you can walk through a forest or anywhere where tall trees are and use the rainwater that drips from the trees to wash your face.

3. It is always advisable to apply rainwater to cleanse yourself from evil spirits and protect yourself from attacks before a spiritual herb bath.

Here is how to cleanse yourself from evil spirits and protect yourself from spiritual attacks.

Use rainwater to bath. Before bathing, drop in some salt ( rock salt will be more effective) in the bucket of rainwater .

Please Note: When collecting the rainwater ,make sure you collect it as it falls directly from the sky.

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