How to use cassava leaves to avoid urinating frequently whiles travelling



Moving from one place to a different place is part of life as such most people travel to different places for various reasons.

A mumber of people travel on short journey or long journey.

Travelling on a long journey sometimes turns tiresome either in private car or commercial car.

But most often it becomes highly tiresome and stressful when travelling with a commercial car since you cannot control how the car or bus should move or may not have your privacy as you will have in a your own car.


For most people, they feel uncomfortable when the need arise for them to travel on a long journey, others begin to think of how they are going to manage with their ‘end products’ since they are going to eat and drink whiles going on this long journey.

Others too become worried especially when they are facing ‘stomach upset’ in the morning but still need to embark on a long journey in a commercial car or bus due to the importance of that journey, as such they wonder how they would be able to manage ‘stomach upset’ and frequent urination whiles travelling on the long journey since many people hate to disgrace themselves in public transport or commercial bus.

Cassava is one of the food commodities that is cultivated in most Ghanaian communities because of its nutritional benefits to the body.

Cassava normally is used to prepare ‘Gari’, ‘fufu’ and many others. Cassava leaves is used for many medicinal purposes in the olden days and in our modern times.

Although many people wonder why in the olden days our parents use to travel on long journeys in a commercial car without stopping the driver more often to pass out urine or ‘stool’ as we see in this modern times.

Most of our old people mostly had cassava leaves in their pockets or in their clothes, which prevented them from passing out urine and stool throughout their long journey till they get to their destination.

Cassava leaves have serve this purpose of avoiding or preventing frequent urination and passing out stool in the olden days till this era due to how powerful the leaves are.

When travelling on long journey and you want to avoid urinating frequently or prevent stomach upset, plug cassava leaves,put in a rubber and put it in your pocket or cloth before you set off.

Until you remove it from your pocket, you will be rescued from stopping the driver to pass out urine throughout the journey.

Most people have been wondering why high officials and kings are able to seat at a program for long hours without getting up to visit the ‘washroom’.

Most often it is a taboo for a king to get up in a middle of a program with the reason of visiting the ‘ washroom’ in most Ghanaian communities, as such most of them have cassava leaves nicely packaged and tied on their elbows or in their clothes to prevent them from facing the challenges of visiting the ‘washroom’.

Some high officials use it to help them sit at a program for long hours without getting up.

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