How to use aluguntugui leaves to permanently cure hernia



Herbs and Plants have proved to be a vital source of medication for various diseases that science has described as incurable.

For many years now, Africans have relied on plants and herbs in the treatment of common ailments such as malaria, diarrhea, common cold etc.

Plants and Herbs have also helped in the cure of diseases which have been classified as incurable by scientist.

Before colonization, Ghanaians relied solely on Herbal medications for their survival.

Herbalist and ”medicine men” were very popular. These medicine men were experts in mixing different herbal concoctions to treat varied diseases.


The introduction of orthodox medicine has in recent years caused many to disregard the potency of herbal medicine in our society.

Many see the use of herbal medicine as an old fashioned and dangerous even though it comes with no negative effect. Whenever the orthodox medications fail, many people always resort to the use of herbal medicines.

These days, herbal medicines are not only used in the villages and at the country sides. The patronage and demands cut across the country and people, irrespective of their class or ethnic background all make demands for herbs and plants.

This write up will focus on how to use soursop leaves popularly known in our Akan parlance as Aluguntugui to treat hernia, a disease which no orthodox medicine can cure permanently except through a surgical operation.

Hernia in men causes severe abdominal pains and can permanently be treated with a surgical operation.

If you have hernia or knows someone who has hernia, I have good news for you. Common aluguntugui leaves will work out the magic for you.

Simply follow the simple steps to treat hernia.

Things needed;

a. Fresh aluguntugui leaves (not the dry ones)

b. Ginger

c. Enema Bulb Syringe (Bɛntoa)


1 .Blend the aluguntugui leaves with ginger (add a little water to blend evenly)

2 .Transfer the mixed solution into a clean bowl

3 .Use the enema bulb syringe to extract the solution from the clean bowl

4 .Gently insert the enema tube into the rectum

5 .Gently squeeze out the solution through to the rectum

The solution i.e mixed aluguntugui leaves with the ginger will cause the one suffering from the hernia to pass out stool. This is an indication that the hernia has been melted.

This is what our grandfathers and great-grandfathers have been using in the villages. They don’t worry themselves over orthodox medication which are rather expensive and more complex.

Please, let’s make good use of our herbal medications. They are potent and provide permanent cures to most of the diseases which appear complicated.




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