How to treat snake bite with common “Kontomire or plantain leaf

Snakes on many occasions are very dangerous reptiles that live in the wild

They can sometimes find their way to homes closer to the bush to cause harm to mankind.

One dangerous thing about snakes is that at times their bites may be unnoticed and you may consider it to be just a scratch by any other object until their venoms or poison begin to climb up your veins.

Research has shown that snake bites cause more death to people leaving around bushy areas more than any other sickness.

The bites of snakes such as cobras, Green mambas, Copperhead snakes and rattlesnake can cause death within a twinkle of an eye since their venoms are deadly and it breaks your nervous and circulatory system as soon as it climbs up into your blood stream.

People biten by snakes usually lose their lives due to lack of first aid treatment and delay in conveying the victims to near by health center, but I have a good news for you in this article.

I will take you through how to treat snake bites with very common leaves that can be found around us; plantain leaves and Cocoyam leaves.

Any time you experience a snake bite or you see anyone bitten by a snake quickly suck the actual place where there was the snake bite with your mouth for at least three times and spit it out.

Afterwards get a handfull of either plantain or cocoyam leaves (kontomire). Chew it in your mouth or rub it hard with your two palms till you get a watery texture.

Place the chewed or rubed plantain or kontomire leaf on the exact place the snake had bitten and tie it with a scarf or any cloth at all. Don’t take off the herb until you take the person to a nearby health center for the health physician to continue from there.

You will definitely safe the victims life by going through this process since plantain and cocoyam leave contain Potassium Phosphate that is capable of deactivating poisons and pull it towards itself thereby preventing it from reaching the blood stream of the victim.

Do this to safe a life anytime there is a snake bite.

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