How To Survive In water If You Don’t Know How To Swim



We are all aware that accidents happen everyday.

It doesn’t happen only on our roads but on water as well.

Sea accidents are rare but when it happens it brings about a calamity that is hard to handle for example the Titanic.

With sea accidents, death is clearly inevitable.

The big question then is what can you do incase of any sea accident?
Provided below are the steps to take


1. Stay calm

The key to survival in water is calmness. If you panic, you may drown faster.

2. Do not flap too much

Understand that the panic can make you flap helplessly.

Ocean animals like sharks are attracted to distraction and can also sense fear.

3. Raise your hands in the air to an oncoming boat

There are rescue boats that work in the ocean. Always try and keep raising and waving your hands in the air incase they pass.

4. Use your trousers.

If it happens that you are wearing a trouser, take it off and tie both ends, fill it with water then tie the other part.

Thank you very much.

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