How to stop saliva from flowing from your mouth while sleeping



How do you feel when you discover saliva on your pillow after sleeping? Suprised isn’t?

The cause will surprise you…this is called Drooling.

This is the term used when saliva drops uncontrollably or unintentionally from the mouth of an individual.

This could result to excessive production of saliva from the salivary gland. These glands are about six in numbers located on the bottom of the mouth, in your cheek and near your front teeth. Isn’t it amazing to know that these glands produces about four pints of saliva a day. As a result, when these glands are fully active with much saliva production you may experience Drooling.

Drooling in infants is something normal especially in their first two years of life but experiencing such at adolescent or adult stage can be very embarrassing and shameful.


Adult experience drooling usually when they are tired and have had a good night or day sleep that is individual’s dream was not interrupted or such individual do not have problem while sleeping.

But however,we must realize that when we sleep on our back, we hardly experience drooling when compared to sleeping on our sides which Is more frequent. When will sleep on our side, we usually notice saliva leaking out most at times and we quickly clean the mess up Nicodemusly to avoid embarrassment when we wake up.

But we hardly experience that when we sleep on our back. This is because the saliva settled at the back of the throat and it eventually drains down. further more, allergies rhinitis and certain food allergies can cause over production of saliva resulting to drooling.

Let me blow your mind a little, do you realize that when your nasal passages becomes blocked due to flu or cold you will realize that you tend to breath through your mouth, this occurance can cause saliva to flow out while in a deep sleep.


1) Try as much as possible to sleep on your back. These can reduce the rate of drooling significantly to a large extent when compared to when you sleep on your sides

2) Avoid alcohol, sleeping pills except on doctor’s prescription, maintain a healthy lifestyle, try as much as possible to exercise daily and catch enough rest after a long day work. With this to some extent, you would have saved yourself some awkward and embarrassing moments.

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