How to prepare special habiscus drink(soobolo) with prekese and pineapple



In the wake of Coronavirus, the best way to stay safe is to be hydrated always by juicing up with natural fruits drinks and herbs.

Natural fruits juices are so much filled with essential vitamins, fiber, folic acid, and minerals.

Constant consumption of canned drinks has many negative health effects that can slowly take you to your early graves.

Do you want to stay healthy and live longer?
Try your best by getting fresh fruits, dry leaves, and herbs.


Make drinks with them to boost the immune system and to fight against all kinds of diseases.

In this article, I am going to teach you how to prepare this special drink Ghanaians love the most known as sobolo or bisap.

Ingredients needed.

1. Dry hibiscus leaves. (2 cups of the leaves).

2. Three sticks of prekese.

3. One fresh pineapple.

4. Ginger, utazi, uziza.

5. Honey or sugar.

6. Water.

7. Ice cubes.

Materials needed

1.Clean container pot or utensil.

3.wooden stirring rod.



6.Clean chopping board

7.Source of heat.

8.strainer or sieve. and jar.

PROCESS( wash hands with soap under running water before you start)

-wash the leaves, put into the cooking pot and add water, and put on fire.

-Wash and peel the hard layer of the pineapple. Add the hard layer to the hibiscus leaves for them to boil together and set aside the inner fresh fruit.

-Wash and cut into pieces the prekese and put into cooking utensil and add water and put on fire for it to boil. Note don’t add the prekese to the leaves and the hard layer!

-Boil both for about 20 minutes, after which remove them from the fire and allow it to cool down whiles you work on the other ingredients.

– Wash the ginger well and cut into pieces. Dry fry(low heat so that you will not burn them) the utazi and the uziza small to bring out the flavour more. After this, add to the ginger and blend. Strain using a neat sieve or strainer and put the mixture aside.

-Cut the main pineapple into pieces and blend. Strain the juice and set aside as well.

-Now remove the hardcover of the pineapple and strain the sobolo into a container and put aside. And also remove the prekese sticks and strain it, then add to the sobolo.

-Add the strained ginger, utazi, and the uziza to the sobolo and finally add the fresh pineapple as well.

-Add honey or sugar to taste. Stir very well to mix your delicious sobolo drink. Note the pineapple is already a natural sugar.

-Serve in a glass with ice cubes or pour it into a glass jar or bottle and let it chilled in the fridge before serving(optional).

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