How to prepare special “alewonyo” or “asaana” drink



“Asaana”, “Aliha” or ‘alewonyo” is a famous local drink among the people of west Africa, especially in Ghana, Togo and Benin.

The local drink is usually taken in the afternoon as a supplement with either bread or milk.

Most people prefer taking the drink without knowing how it was prepared.

To prepare the drink at home, you must have following ingredients and procedures.





Procedure or Method

You will have to put the maize, the quantity you prepare in water for one day (24 hours) and separate it from the water.

Now dry the maize on a cloth for one to two days until it begins to germinate. Don’t let it have full leaves. Just when the parts are developing, take it to the corn mill and grind it.

Now you will add water to the flour gotten from the grinded corn and placed on fire to boil. The quantity of water you add will depend on the quantity you want, considering the quantity of flour in the pot. You will boil for about 25 minutes.

Now place an empty pot on fire and add sugar to it. The heat will make the sugar to melt and give you the brown-wish color. Then add the melted sugar to the cooked floor which was cooked after si eving it.

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