How to prepare “shito” with just GH 10



Hi everbody. I am called Richmond and am going to show you how to make the most delicious shito in Ghana with just GH 10

Main Ingredients:

1. Fish power

2. Fresh tomatoes or sachet tomatoes


3. Fresh Pepper(hot one recommended) or ground pepper

4. Onion

5. Shrimp cube (Maggi cube)



1.Blend tomatoes, onion and Pepper or grind them if you are using earthenware bowl to get an evenly mix.Note that if you are using sachet tomatoes, it is the same procedure as stated

2.Heat some oil in a saucepan and pour in the blended or grounded mix. Stir to completely cook the mixture

3. Put in the shrimp cubes (Maggi cubes) and the fish power to get the brownish nature of the shito and add water when necessary

4.Add salt to taste

Note: shito requires enough oil to be completely cooked!

Also to make it plenty you just increase the ingredients.


You have made the best shito with low cost. You can serve it alongside waakye, oil rice, kenkey, Banku etc

This shito is in fact more delicious than those outside shito.

I personally made this shito when I was in school and still make it.

Now let’s break it down to why the shito will cost your Less GH 10:

Let us assume you purchase tomatoes Gh 4 , cube 20ps, fish powder 1 cedi, oil GH 2, onion 50ps, pepper 50 ps which is under GH 10

Next time I will be showing you how to make the best waakye under low cost. Stay tuned.

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Source; opera news

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