Be Smart: How To Unlock A Padlock With Matches

Wow!! It’s good to have you read this article. I always say that information is as powerful as electricity.

It informs you and in the process empowers you with knowledge.

In this enlightening article, I will be schooling you on some easy steps to unlock your padlock without destroying nor rendering it useless in case you misplace the key.

Everybody will admit how frustrating it is when you reach home and later realise that you have misplaced the key needed to unlock the door to your room.

Or after reaching home very hungry you realise that the only key to unlock the padlock fixed on the door of your kitchen is not with you.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Hmmmm this is very disturbing.

Well, just a maches will solve the problem for you.

Yes! the everyday match sticks you use in your kitchen or in the room to light up a candle, that same and very exact match stick is what am talking about.

Without wasting much of your time and mine as well, since everyone is really busy, let me set the ball rolling.

How to unlock padlock with match stick

Get a thick, plain, neat white paper and place it on your table.

Now get a complete box of match sticks and a small plier or anything you could use to peel off the head or top of each match stick.

Please ensure that the match sticks are not wet as this would render the whole thing a total fiasco at the end.

Now just peel off all the top, head, or reactive (as you prefer to call it) part of each match sticks found in a single box (that is the part that produces the fire when you strike it on a match box) leaving only one.

Please understand that the reason for leaving one out is that it will help ignite the rest at the end.

It is now time to crush the match stick in preparation to unlock your padlock without key.

After peeling all the required part of each match stick found in a match box onto the surface of the white paper provided, now crush or grind it to the powdered form.

After the whole process of crushing and grinding, get your padlock and pour the powdered suave particles from your match sticks into the orifice found in your padlock; the very place where you put your key in order to open it.

Finally, let us unlock your padlock with just a match stick

Now get another match stick (a normal match stick with its head or reactive part still very much intact and active) and fit it into that same orifice on your padlock with the reactive portion of the match stick facing outwards towards you and the unreactive part or should I say the tail or end of the match stick directly into the orifice I have been talking about.

Thus, it is now time to unlock the stubborn padlock.

Now light the match stick fixed into the opening of the padlock so that it carries fire into the padlock where the grinned and crushed reactive extract of the match sticks were poured earlier.

Just leave it to finish burning, so that it creates the required heat inside the padlock and watch and be thrilled as your padlock open willingly, its easy right?

Thank you very much for reading.

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