how to make BRUKINA drink at home



There are different varieties of local beverages enjoyed by Ghanaians.

Some of the locally made beverages include, Pito, Asaana, Lamugin, Sobolo, Brukina among others.

Today I want to teach you how to make your favourite local beverage called Brukina. Brukina is a beverage made among the people of the Northern sector in Ghana.

Brukina is made from mullet.


Listed below are the steps in making your delicious Brukina;

Ingredients; Millets, sugar, fresh milk, water ,sugar and salt( optional).

step 1

Soak the millet in water , and wait till the next morning and drain the water . Afterwards take the soaked millet to the mill for it to be grinded into a rough texture.

Step 2

Boil some water in a cooking pot and put in the millet.

Step 3

Allow the Millet to boil till it becomes soft. When it becomes soft, pour if out from the pot and allow it to get cold.

After that you can add your sugar and fresh milk.

Your delicious Brukina is ready for consumption.

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