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How to know if your gas cylinder has expired

Gas explosion is a very dangerous and a deadly thing that can happen to anyone.

This mostly occurs at gas stations, homes and people get burnt from using expired gas cylinders.

Explosion happens when  gas leaks from the cylinder and mixes with fire.

You can’t mention cooking elements in the kitchen and ignore Gas cylinder.

They are very important for cooking and very dangerous if proper care is not taken.

Many gas cylinder users have no knowledge about how to check if their cylinder has expired or not. This may cause a serious problem one day.

Before we show you how to check the expiring date of your cylinder, take note of these safeguards.

1. A gas cylinder should not be used more than 5 years

2. Never buy a second-hand or used gas cylinder

3. Before you buy any gas cylinder check the expiry date.

4. If you hear any unpleasant scent of gas in your kitchen don’t switch it….

5. Note that gas cylinders are use only in vertical position

How to check if your gas cylinder has expired

Follow the  steps to check the expiring date of your gas cylinder

The expiring date of a gas cylinder is written on the metal plate, at the top part of the handle in side of the strip.

The expiry date is indicated with  alphabets which range from A to D and number.

A – stands for ‘1st quarter of the year which range from January to March

B – stands for ‘2nd quarter’ of the year which range from April to June

C – stands for the 3rd quarter of the year which range from July to September

D – stands for the 4th quarter of the year which range from October to December


1. If you see this on your cylinder A.22, it means that the gas cylinder will expire within January and March of the year 2022.

2. If you confirm C.24, this also means the cylinder will expire with the months of July and September of the year 2024.

I hope this article, has taught you a great lesson today. Please kindly share to protect many houses from expulsion.

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