How to know if you have a spiritual husband or wife



Spiritual things as people usually say give birth to physical things.

The spiritual realm is like a womb that gives birth to realities in the physical realm.

It is popularly believed that man is made up of three (3) dimensions namely the spirit, soul, and body.

The soul which is a link between the spirit and the body has soo many things to battle with.

Whatever happens to a man physically has transpired already in the spiritual realm according to some beliefs.


According to these beliefs, many people whose souls have traveled in the spiritual realm have encountered things that the physical man cannot see or comprehend.

Most of this encounters have the ability to destroy a mans life. One of these encounters of the soul with spirits is called spiritual marriage.

According to some Christians, this encounter is one of the dangerous attacks that the forces of darkness have launched against the human race.

Spiritual marriage just as it sounds is a union between the soul of a person and a spirit which is demonic. But how will a person know if they are married spiritually? Many people are believed to be battling this mysterious occurrence in their lives.

Preachers and even churches as a whole during their deliverance services nowadays have to battle with this issue of delivering people involved in this spiritual marriage.

It is believed that one of the signs associated with spiritual marriage is dreams that involve love making. This is believed to be the main sign of spiritual marriage.

When the spirit which is demonic marries the soul of the person whether male or female, they comes during the time the person is asleep to have an affair with the person as couples do. Most a times, this spirit appears in the form of loved ones of the dreamer.

Dreams like seeing oneself having an affair, seeing other people you don’t know or animals matting are all believed to be signs of spiritual marriage.

One of the surest ways to know if you are into this spiritual marriage is when you continue seeing one particular person coming to sleep with you. Some biblical scholars also give exposition that people may sometimes have these dreams even without being in spiritual marriages. They claim these people may only be victims of demons who defile them in order to quench their spiritual flames.

It is believed that those who are into spiritual marriage or have spiritual spouses, may have the following experiences in their lives:

1. They can’t marry because the spiritual spouses are always jealous and always drive away potential suitors.

2. They face financial problems because their spiritual spouses always demand money from them spiritually.

3. They cannot give birth physically or will not have the right bonding with their children if they do because they already have children in the spiritual realm with their spiritual spouses.

This signs are sometimes considered as signs of spiritual marriage as given by some men of God. Do you make love with other people in your dreams? Do you see sexual or naked people in your dreams? Share you experience with us in the comments section.

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