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How to know if there is a hidden camera in your room



Have you ever been to the room of a hotel and you are suspicious about someone spying on you?

Have you been offered a room to lodge for some couple of days and you wonder if the owner or someone is watching you?

If you concern yourself about these then it is ok because it is possible to happen. People can hide a camera in your room so that they can watch you.

It can be very hard to detect a camera in a clock face, smoke detectors, door frames, walls, in a teddy bear eye, or in that pencil sharpener pointing your way.

Just as in stage magic, sometimes the idea is to hide the unexpected in the expected or commonplace. So keep in mind common places in your room.


One way to detect a spy camera in a room is by using a flashlight or a headlamp.

Get a headlamp or hold a flashlight up to your temple so it shines in the same direction as you are looking. Turn the room lights down low or off and then shine the light very slowly sweeping it everywhere. If the camera lens sees you, you should be able to see the reflection off the lens, a very small dot of reflection. This is because camera lenses may have an anti-reflection coating which may reflect in a colour like green, gold, purple or blue.

This should help find any hidden pinhole cameras. These can be put into just about anything including smoke detectors, motion sensors, lamps, alarm clocks, door frames, walls, etc.

So you have to check everything. Look under the sink, in and around trashcans, under and around (and even in) the toilet.

Another way to detect a spy camera in a room is by using your smartphone. The way to go about this is by turning all the lights in your room off, close all curtains in your room and then turn your mobile phone camera on without turning the flashlight on your camera. Then walk around in the room while you keep in the of the “commonplaces” we discussed in the earlier paragraph.

All cameras have lenses, even if it is just a small one. The lens may have an anti-reflection coating but it will probably still bounce a little light back and you will notice it on your smartphone through your phone’s camera. You can see this as a red dot shown on your smartphone’s screen.

When you sight any small, bright-whitish light, set your phone down and examine further. It may be a hidden camera. Nonetheless, if light did not show on your phone’s screen then it means the room has no spy camera.

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