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How to know if Someone is Recording You During a Phone Call. Be Smart

Making mobile phone calls is the reason why majority of people buy mobile phones.

Phone calls have now become very relevant in everyones life and every field of human endeavor.

Use of text messages has also been accepted and utilized by most people.

However, if there is an urgent thing to do, voice calls are the best because of the fact that using a text might be delayed in its delivery from the other end.

In some countries recording someone in a voice call when you have not asked for their permission is regarded as illegal.

Though in other countries it is not yet legal, there are some ways you can know if you are being recorded.

When someone is recording you during a phone call, this is what you will realize;

There will be frequent beeping tone during the call.

For some phones it may be difficult to notice if you are being recorded or not.

The beeping is usually at a low tone and someone may not know until they pay more attention to that.

Listen carefully to hear the sound.
Another thing is that you will hear a single loud beep at the beginning of the call.

It is usually rare when you are recorded by the other person and the loud beep is usually after the recording feature has been activated.

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