How to get rid of ulcer and stomach pains using plantain peels



Men have tried to curb several ailments but anytime we seem to have control over it, there comes different forms and styles of these illness.

Sometimes the white man’s drugs are unable to save our health so people resort to herbal medicines.

Not only are herbal medicines useful but are more compatible with various kinds of blood groups.

The greatest aspect of the herbal drugs is that there are no side effects.

Many of us were not fun of food while growing up.


We preferred playing video games and all sort of outdoor games instead of sitting down on a dinning table for food.

As the stomach couldn’t handle the hunger strike anymore due, we developed all kinds of stomach related problems.

If you have been experiencing stomach pains that is not related to menstrual cycle but ulcer, then help and medication have found you today.

All you need is a plantain. Yes, that is all you need. You can add honey if you like, but if you don’t have original honey, you are still good to start the healing process.

When I was young, anytime i complained of stomach related issues, my grandmother will first diagnose to see the exact proble. If it was ulcer, all she will do was to get a fresh plantain and take the food out.

The food can be saved for other purposes. All you need is the peel of the plantain and your honey. As I said earlier, you can forgo the honey if you have no access to one.

Take your plantain peels and place them in direct sunlight to dry.

All the water in the peels will dry out and it will become so dry that you can grind to get the powdered form.

Make sure you place it in the sunlight for enough sun to dry it. If a day is not ok, try two days or three days to make sure the plantain peels are dried up enough to grind and get powder form from it.

You can cut it into small pieces and use blender to grind it. You can also use any traditional way to grind it.

Once you have the powdered form, take two spoonful, add three to five spoonful of honey to it. Mix it well and eat it in the morning.

Repeat the same process in the afternoon and in the evening too. Do it for 30 days and go for a medical check up.

You will be amazed by the results.

For those of you who have no access to the honey, just take two spoonful of the powdered plantain peels.

Not a tea spoon but a normal spoon used for eating. Add half a cup of water to it and drink it in the morning. Do same in the afternoon and also in the evening.

It is very bitter but you have to try. Do it three times a day as required and must be done when you have eaten.

Please do not eat with foods containing palm. The oil will reduce the strength of the medication.

Also if you cannot use the water due to its bitter taste just take two spoonful content of the powdered plantain peels and add it to any food you are eating except food that contains palm oil.

Palm oil as in the red oil because it will reduce the power of the medication.

For any of the above choice you decide to take and use, make sure to use it continuesly for 30 days.

After that, go see your doctor and you will be amazed.

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