How To Date A Lady Without Spending Money.

Many people are of the notion that before you start dating a lady you must have money. Others also believe you must be a celebrity who is so rich before you date a lady.

But the question is ” should you have money to start dating? Are girls only after your money or is there a way you can date or be in a relationship with a lady without spending a dime. Without You spending money before she says yes.

Yes, it’s true that some ladies really are after your money, but it is also a fact that some don’t even care about your money. All they are after is your genuine love and sincerity of heart.

In this post, I will show or share with you how to begin a relationship without spending a dime before she says “yes.

When you see a lady who you are interested in for a relationship, don’t show her that you have a lot of money and you are ready to spend on her.

Just show her that you love her and you are genuinely interested in her.

This is how you start date without spending a dime.

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