How My Brother Treated Gonorrhoea With Lime Juice and Salt

Gonorrhea is a very poor disease affecting many people.

Here some of the symptoms that clearly show that an individual has the infection;
Painful urination, abnormal discharge from private parts etc.

In the case of men, they will experience testicular pain.

Women who have catch the infection will also experience pain in the lower stomach.

Gonorrhea sometimes mat show no symptom.

Are you suffering from Gonorrhoea? Worry no more because in this article I will be schooling you on how to treat Gonorrhea permanently with just lime and salt.


1.Roll your lime on table until it becomes very soft.

2. Get a kitchen knife and slice the lime into two parts.

3. Squeeze out the lime juice into a clean cup.

4. Add half of a spoon of salt to the extracted juice and mix it to get a uniform mixture.

After you are done with the above, take a teaspoon full of it and drink it once a day with consistency.

You will thank me later.

Source; Opera News

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