How I became a Pastor at day but an occult at night (confession)



Note: Picture used for this piece is for the purpose of illustration

In the year 2010, I fell very sick of a strange disease.

Everybody who knew me fell sorry for me because my condition worsened to the extent of making people feel the disease was out of the ordinary.

People far and near attributed the cause of the disease to :sin against the gods,insults to a wicked person, sex with somebody’s wife or stealing.

Some of my family elders even advised me to come out or confess to a possible cause. But as a matter of fact I had nothing to hide.


While I was still in the dilemma, some people came to the town to evangelize to win souls. They got hint of my condition and came to visit me in my room.

They then instructed my mother to bring me to the place where the Evangelism Program was going on. With the help of some relatives, we got there on time.. In the course of the program, they called me, prayed for me and I had instant healing to the surprise of all. They were seen as powerful Men of God.

Their Leader invited me to come over with them to share my testimony wherever they went.

When all the Evangelism Program was over, they came with me to introduce me to their Boss.

The Boss prophesied that God used the Disease to call me. He then poured Lavender into my hand and it vanished. The next he asked me to read a passage in the Bible. I did. He placed powder into my palm and it vanished. He asked me to explain what has gone on but I had no idea. Chief Prophet, as they called. him,said he was going to establish me in my own Hometown as he has been directed.

He never allowed me to say a word. He sent me away with Five Thousand Ghana cedis to go to look for Church Land in my hometown. Now the church is opened , I am the Minister. A day before the Inauguration, Chief Prophet slept with me in the Church Hall. He Buried a small Pillow in the Middle of the Platform and he asked me to Mention my name on the site seven times. I did.My seat was placed there.

He then thought me some rituals to observe. The inauguration was so grand. He left all the monies and more to me. Everything about me changed within months. I have been observing the rituals as directed.

But in a matter of three months two of the members went to Labour and passed out.

The next day I went to Boss. On seeing me he smiled and said that is Normal.

From then on, I was made to join everyday Occult Chants. That is to say I have become a Pastor at day time and an Occult at Night. Now, I own many things but the rate of deaths of the members under scary circumstances are disturbing.

My heart is heavily bleeding for these innocent members of the Church. They have entered a Church where their Souls are no more theirs, any of them can pass on at anytime BUT, they can’t stop attending the Church.

When any of them get Pregnant, I fear for her because she may not survive Labour. These thoughts are stealing my very existence so I proposed to Chief Prophet to replace me so that I can Leave. He looked at me and Asked ‘ Do you want your Disease back? “.I shook my head in the negative. He sent me back to continue.

Please What shall I do?. Is it true the disease will come back? I am not happy, When I hear of some of the Deaths, I feel like killing myself. I am scared. I keep chanting under DURESS.

Please WHAT Should I DO???.

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