How Can We Call You A Leader After Doing These Things- Duncan Williams



Renowned Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams is here again with his powerful sermon and messages on leadership and its related qualities.

He has disclosed that the kind of leadership he sees in some people at times makes him so surprised.

Duncan Williams revealed that until the leadership skills are acquired, there is no way anyone can force himself to become a leader.

He also indicated that a leader can either be made or be born a leader. He stated that there are people who find themselves in positions they know they cannot occupy and that there are others too who have worked so hard and acquired the skills necessary for these positions.

“If we need a leader for the country and he refuses to show the citizens in the country what he is capable of and what he is made of, then he cannot lead the country and this is why, no matter what he does, these qualities will be scouted for and not possessing them will block your chances and might affect your leadership skills.


And this is because the passion and skills needed will not be seen and that is the age we are currently moving towards as Ghanaians”- he stated.

“If you don’t have an ear for your people and care less about your position then we can’t entrust our safety into your hands. Because how can we call you a leader after doing these things?

And this means knowing how to manage yourself well is also a key step in becoming a leader, and that’s because a leader needs the necessary managerial skills”- Archbishop Duncan Williams added.

He continued to state that a leader should be effective and efficient with the little resources he sets his hands on.

Dunacan Williams said that as Ghanaians age in wisdom, the decision making among the individuals have changed so much.

The foregoing according to him has even raised the bar on what qualities they want to see in someone who they want to choose as a leader.

Source; Opera News

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