How ‘Apraku my daughter’ lost his 3 teeth because of NDC and how his church collapsed



Not much is known about the Pastor Apraku who died yesterday after a video of seen drunk went viral on social media.

In this post, we take a look at how Pastor Apraku My daughter lost his three teeth and how he lost all his church members in 22 branches.

Osofo Apraku had a great passion for evangelism since he entered in the ministry of God in the 1990s.

One particular attention I give to his passion was how he declared on air prior to the 2000 General elections that NDC will lose during a tensed atmosphere.

After the declaration, he was later surrounded by some unknown men in uniform and given the beatings of his life. He subsequently lost his three teeth to the beatings.

Those days, Apraku will travel abroad to preach the word of God and bring many cars. He will distribute some of the cars to some media houses in exchange of airtime. He was passionate about his radio evangelism.

In one of his travels, he kept long in Europe and asked his Deputy to steer the affairs of the church. Anytime he calls, his deputy tells him the church has developed.


He had a chat with Rev Kusi Berko who told him he went to his church and saw only two people. He called Apraku’s deputy and he said they moved the church to a different location.

That was how Apraku lost his church including all the branches to his deputy. How many people can go through this trauma and come out 100% fit?

Apraku was severely hit by the collapse of his church and affected him in many ways. He tried to stay strong but turned to drinking of alcohol which worsen his situation.

Reverend Obofour came in to help but his promises were not fulfilled after giving him a car on live TV.

Source; opera news

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