Hoping To Own A House? Forget It…Renting Is Better, See Reasons

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In fact if you are not familiar with what it takes to own a home, you may be highly shocked with all the hidden costs you will encounter as you head to the closing table to lock in the deal.

Provided below by are a few reasons to think twice about owning a home:

1. Costs for home maintenance and repairs can impact savings quickly.

Moving into a home can be very expensive.

A longer commitment will be required vs. renting.

2. Mortgage payments can be very higher even more than rental payments.

3.Property taxes will cost you extra over and above the expense of your mortgage.

4. Money needed up front to buy the home can be hard to pull together.

Now I think it is far better to rent than to own a house.

Here are the reasons;

If you have been renting for some time, you may be used to paying the rent and having a landlord manage most of the issues that arise.

If the dishwasher breaks, the landlord will likely be around to check it out and get it serviced if needed.

1. No responsibility for repairs and maintenance:

Rent is usually cheaper than a mortgage payment.

2. Easy to move to different locations.

3. Real estate taxes and other municipal expenses are covered by the landlord.

4. Rental upfront costs are less, compared to home-buying.

5. Utility bills may be included in rent payment.

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