Hon Muntakar slips into fire!! ‘slapped’ by MCE Hon Alidu Seidu over frivolous allegations



Hon Alidu Seidu (MCE Asokore Mampong Municipality/ 2020 NPP Parliamentary candidate-Asawase constituency) writes

My attention has been drawn to a frivolous allegations Hon. Muntaka Mubarak, the MP for Asawase Constituency, has been making in some media outlets over his perceived mishaps in the on going Electoral Commission’s voter registration exercise nation wide.

This, coming from Hon. Mubarak, is indeed unfortunate and I emphatically want to put it on record that the exercise has so far been very peaceful and successful. He (Hon. Muntaka Mubarak) must stop crying over the roof painting a gloomy picture of the exercise in the constituency to the general public as if Asawase is on fire. If indeed he really trusts his party agents at the various registration centres, then he should allow them to work and deliver. Unless this is otherwise. Asawase is very peaceful and shall for ever remain as such.

We all know, since time imemorial, he and NDC have been busing people from our neighbouring constituencies into ours just to get them registered which ensured his previous victories. To this, every honest person even in the NDC will attest to.


In relation to invoking the spirits of lesser gods(duabo) carried out by Hon. Muntaka/Mutum and NDC at the Asabi stream three days ago, I want to state it unequivocally to Hon. Muntaka and his ilk that I am a practising Muslim and will not involve myself in such abomination in Islam for whatever reason and purpose.

Mean while, he(Hon. Muntaka) and his cohorts are out there claiming innocence to this “duabo” not knowing pictures of that black sheep tied in front of his chair at the latter’s residence are everywhere.

Today, Muntaka, a hitherto staunch “Sunni Muslim” is now a “duabo” man? Verily, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!!!

Let’s all of us including the general public not lose sight of the fact that all these fruitless attempts by Hon. Muntaka and NDC are meant to seek equalisation of the arrest of the three(3) NDC executive members who were caught in possession of over fifty-five thousand (55,000) illegal EC REGISTRATION FORMS and are still in the grips of the law aiding further investigations.

It is about time they knew and understood that we are and shall remain focused with the utmost tenacity of purpose in all that we do similar to the hunter who is so poised to killing a lion in the forest. Certainly, this hunter will not have a modicum amount of micro second throwing stones at the birds.
The journey surely remains forward! We shall overcome!!!

Thank you all.

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