Hon Barbara Oteng-Gyasi (MP) wishes mothers happy mother’s day



As we celebrate Mother’s Day across the Globe, I wish to congratulate all mothers for the sacrificial work they continually do in order to maintain the family unit.

Mothers are special people with extraordinary ability to manage all situations to perfection and put a smile on the faces of their children even in very daunting circumstances such as we are experiencing with this COVID- 19 pandemic.

At this time, I am reminded of the immeasurable contributions of all mothers towards the growth and well being of our country Ghana and her people over the years.

In remembering the contribution of mothers to our collective wellbeing, it is also important and necessary, especially for me as a mother, to touch on the issue of women and our collective empowerment.

We must as a primary duty, strive to empower each other in all spheres and in all instances where we have opportunity and power to do so. As women we must realise that we are indeed our sister’s keeper and it is only in our collective unity that we can progress and minimize inequalities which hold us back.


As a mother I know the challenges and rewards of being a nurturer, adviser, mentor and friend to our children. I cannot forget the exceptional commitment of single mothers, mothers caring for children with special needs and mothers who themselves are persons with special needs.You are heroes.

On this special day for mothers, my plea to all mothers across the country and especially in Prestea Huni – Valley Constituency is that we help in the fight against this pandemic by ensuring that we and our loved ones adhere to all Precautionary measures or Protocols outlined by the President of the Republic of Ghana **His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufu Addo* at all times. By so doing we will secure our collective future.

I say ayekoo to all mothers on this special day and wish us more Grace, Strength, Happiness, Long life, Good Health and God’s protection.
Please let us remember to adhere to all protocols necessary in fighting the coronavirus, such as regular hand washing with soap under running water, using of an alcohol based hand sanitizer, avoidance of hand shakes, refraining from touching our faces, especially our mouth or nose when our hands are not clean, observing social or physical distancing and finally the constant use of a Face Mask when we step outside our homes.

Please stay home if you have nothing urgent or essential to to outside your home. Let us bear in mind that we are not living in normal times. COVID-19 is Real and your life is precious!


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