Hon. Adelaide Ntim Calls For Action Against Recalcitrant Fulani Herdsmen



MP for Nsuta Kwaman/Beposo Hon. Adelaide Ntim has called for a parliamentary action against the escalating crisis caused by some Fulani herdsmen in some parts of Ashanti region.

Their activities according to her is increasingly characterised by lawlesness and violence, citing that their operations in communities such as Atonsu, Esereso, Jeduako, Dagaati, Kokomba, Oku and Ete “is associated with a series of criminal activities”.

She has indicated some as the widespread destruction of farms, lands and properties, persistent threat of vandalism and reported incidents of rape.

“The formation and operation of dangerous gangs and the overall pervasive atmosphere of fear and panic”, She added.

Raising the issue before the house of Parliament, she recalled a demonstration which which was held few days ago by constituents of Atonsu in particular as a way of expressing their worries and make a call for immediate and effective solutions to the menace.


“The people of Jeduako have had to endure the cruel and horrifying incidents of rape and extreme violence”, she mentioned.

The legislator furthering her appeal said, “Mr. Speaker, the presence of these Fulani herdsmen has transformed our peaceful constituency into a region gripped by fear and this displacement of the residents is disrupting the social life of the community.

Is something we, as the representatives of the people, must address immediately.

Mr. Speaker, let me clarify that this appeal is not against the Fulani community as a whole.

We acknowledge and appreciate the section that live among us in peace, contribute positively to our society and respect our laws.

Mr. Speaker, I implore this honourable house and relevant stakeholders to intervene and ensure that peace is restored to Nsuta Kwaman/Beposo.

I thank you once again, Mr. Speaker for the opportunity.”

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