Highest Paying Government Institutions In Ghana…No. 5 Is Unbelievable



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Please do you fall among those who are looking for the highest paying government agencies in Ghana? Or maybe out of curiosity you only want to know the government institution with the highest salary in Ghana?

Well there is a popular notion that government jobs in Ghana do not pay very well. However, this doesn’t deter Ghanaians from indicating interest to work for the government.

One of the things that make people apply for government jobs is job security.

In fact you do not have to face the risk of coming to work one day and get a sacked letter.


From our research, we have discovered that despite the low pay in some government institutions, others are well paid as well.

However, it is a little bit difficult to gain employment in these organizations. These agencies rank among the highest paid in the country.

In addition to the foregoing, having a pensionable job is very appealing to many.

Another reason why government jobs always have a lot of applications.

The pay package in government agencies depends on the sector.

As usual, the oil and gas, health, maritime, revenue, maritime and banking sectors are top of the pecking in terms of salaries.


In this article, we will be looking at the highest paying government agencies and institutions in Ghana.

Here they are;

1.Ghana National Petroleum Corporation
2.Bank of Ghana
3.Ghana Revenue Authority
4.Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority
5.National Pensions Regulatory Authority
6.Social Security and National Insurance Trust
7.Bureau of National Investigations
8.Economic and Organised Crime Office
9.Ghana Cocoa Board
10.Ghana Standard Authority
11.Volta River Authority

For your information, the above-listed government institutions are the highest paying in Ghana.

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