High school football coach shot to death by gunman

A football coach for a Texas high school  was gunned down outside a youth football game during the weekend in a confrontation which according to police stemmed from a family dispute.

Derwyn Lauderdale aged 29, a football coach and also teacher at Travis High School in Richmond, a suburb of Houston, was shot to death in the afternoon of Saturday  in a parking lot outside a youth football game in Rosenberg, Texas, police indicated.

Rosenberg police officials informed that the shooting erupted in front of a crowd of people who were gathered at the Seabourne Creek Sports Complex, including members of youth football teams preparing to play.

“What a sad set of circumstances that took place during this event. Children came to play a game they love, only to have it ruined by a career criminal committing an act of family violence,” Rosenberg police Chief Jonathan White said at a news conference. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy and we will pursue appropriate charges so justice may be served.”

The suspected gunman according to police was been  identified by the police as James Hamilton, aged 28, of Houston.

source; ABC news


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