High Blood Pressure? Try “Prekese”. You Will Thank Me Later



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It is clear that as life moves on there are lot of diseases which come across our way.

On some occassion, we are attacked by some infections of which we have no symptoms informing as.

I hope today’s article am about to deliver will be highly helpful to you as I educate you on some symptoms, causes and possible solutions of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure or hypertension happens when your blood increases to an unusual level.


Your blood pressure measurement takes into account how much blood is flowing through your blood vessels and amount of resistance the blood meets while the heart is pumping.

Here Are Some Symptoms of high blood pressure or hypertension can include;

a. Headache.

b. Shortness of breath

c. Flushing

d. Chest pain

e. Visual changes

f. Blood in the urine and many more.

Since I have enlightened you on some possible symptoms of hypertension, below are also some causes of high blood pressure;

a. Smoking

b. Lack of physical activity.

c. Too much salt in diet.

d. Stress

e. Over weight or obese

f. Chronic kidney disease.

g. Genetic factor

h. Family history of high blood pressure and many more.

Premised on the above, I want to show you how to cure your blood pressure or hypertension by using home remedies approach.

Here are the steps involved

1. Get yourself prekese any amount you wished to use and also garlic.

2. Wash the prekese and garlic and put them together in a cooking dish do not forget to add an amount of water you wish.

3. Boil them together for 25 to 3O minutes.

4. Pour it inside a cup or any clean object and drink it three times a day.

You will thank me Later.

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