High Blood Pressure? Stop Eating These Foods For Your Own Sàfety

A high number of people are presently are suffering from high blood pressure globally.

Interestingly, whenever visit the hospital and get treated, they return to their houses and resume eating foods that trigger high blood pressure ignorantly.

The reason why majority of rich people suffer from high blood pressure is because of the fact that they tend to live what people refer to as “a high life”.

With this kind of life, they do not consume natural foods, rather they mostly eat processed foods that are the main causes if this high blood pressure in question.

Provided below by is a list of common foods that we consume on daily basis which can cause high blood pressure to us:

A. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks fall within the same category with coffee drinks but spiked with soda.

Taking even one energy drink could spark blood pressure due to the caffeine contwnt which could last for hours on end.

B. Meats That Are Processed

We consume every type of Processed meats like sausages and chicken nuggets everyday back by the thought that we are rich people.

As we do this, we are ignorant of the truth that it is made up of sodium and saturated fats which can cause migraines and artery plaque buildup.

When this occurs, it can cause high blood pressure.

C.Alcohol Intake

Higher percentage of individuals addicted to drinking Alcohol usually dies of cardiac arrest, high blood pressure.

The reason is premised on the fact that Alcohol can cause vasodilation, causing blood vessels to tighten.

Whenever consumed, the blood is harder to go through the arteries making the heart to work harder, leading to high blood pressure.

D. Whole Milk

Whole milk carries a reasonable amount of saturated fats, which can trigger high blood pressure, It may be hard to avert from eating food containing whole milk seeing as how milk is used in many foods like such as doughs and creams.

But the truth of the whole issue is that it causes high blood pressure.

E. Sugar That Is Refined

High number of People of today like sweet things in the likes of Refined sugar, not knowing that it is a major cause of high blood pressure.

It might be a hassle to avoid sugar, but try to use alternatives like Splenda or Sucralose instead.

F. Peanut Butter

We always purchase and eat Peanut butter everyday, although it might seem to have lots of salt, but this is not the problem.

The saturated fats in peanut butter are even more than enough to trigger plaque buildup in the arteries, and this leads to high blood pressure.

G. Soda

Some people cannot live a single day without taking soda while some smokers regurlarly take soda.

They are all ignorant of the fact that Soda which is also called liquidized sugar drinks, can cause blood pressure spikes instantaneously.

H. Coffee

Most people drink Coffee like drinking water everyday.

Even though Coffee does not have high amounts of salt or saturated fats, but what makes this miracle drink cause high blood pressure is the caffeine.

Caffine is a chemical compound that assists a person to stay awake by making the heart pump blood more than usual, and that leads to high blood pressure.

I. Canned Vegetables

Vegetables that are canned are preserved in a mixture of chemicals and sodium.

One serving of canned vegetables has around 1,671 mg amount of sodium in it, but that is not a problem at all, the problem is when you consume a large quantity of it.

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