High blood pressure is a silent killer, run away from these 4 foods


One of the strongest causes of human mortality is known to be high blood pressure.

Sometimes called a silent murderer, so long as the harm remains irreparable, and the individual affected either dies or drops dead, it holds too many important parts of the human body degenerating without the individual’s awareness.

While there might be several reasons that may affect elevated blood pressure, one thing we sometimes forget is our diets.

Our diets and structure will either make it or mark our battle against the silent assassin called hypertension, which is why we should consider 20 foodstuffs to remove while we tackle hypertension.

20 of these foods are listed below:

1. Salt and sodium:

This is particularly important for those who deal with high blood pressure, since water is drawn into the blood vessels because they have extra sodium in their bodies and this shoots up their blood pressure.

Stop foods such as pizza, bread and roll, burgers, etc.

2. Fats that are saturated:

The consumption of saturated fats in cheese, burger, butter and fatty beef should be avoided or decreased as they boost the blood level of cholesterol which can lead to a heart attack.

3. Added carbohydrates and candy:

After a tough, sunny day it is tenting to take any of these drinks but stop it. The sugar content and fruit juice in these beverages also add to and improve blood pressure.

4. Drinks for coffee:

In addition , it is important that you avoid coffee drinks, especially if you remain late or on the road often. This is how the blood pressure also spikes. Stop black tea, ice cream, cookies, etc.

Included are foods which are believed to lead to decreased blood pressure:

1. Banana: Banana:

2. Vegetable:

3. Animal: Animal: fish

4. Legumes

I hope you find this article very informative.

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