Here is the first woman created by God. She was not Eve. Check it out (Opinion)

There is an omitted or little-told story in the book of Genesis that speaks on the first woman created by God, whose name is Lilith and not Eve.

An ancient legend disclosed that the first wife of Adam was Lilith created from the same substance as the companion and contemporary to him in creation.

“God created man in his image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them”(Genesis, 1:27; 10)

The 2nd chapter then repeats, with different words, first the creation of man with dust from the ground (Genesis 2: 7) and then, from the rib of Adam (Genesis 2:22), the creation of the woman called Eve.

Even before the Old Testament, the myth of Lilith appears in the ancient Mesopotamian and Jewish religions. For the ancient Hebrews Lilith was the first wife of Adam, therefore previous to Eve, she fled from Adam taking refuge in the Red Sea.

She claimed to enjoy the same privileges as her spouse as she too was formed from the dust of the ground. Although some archeologist date the origin to the eighth century BC, Mesopotamian transcripts mention this figure as early as the third millennium BC.

About the story on Lilith it is known that she preferred to flee from the Earthly Paradise rather than submit to the will of God and Adam.

She did not want to lie under his companion in a physical and symbolic sense and so she left.

Medieval culture didn’t take long to transform the figure of Lilith into that of a demon. It’s red in “The alphabet of Ben-sira” (by an anonymous author, written in the 10th century after Christ) “She said ‘I will not stand under you,’ and he said ‘And I will not lie under you, but only above. For you it is only suitable to be below, while I am made to be above.”

Lilith furiously pronounced the name of God, took flight and left the garden of Eden, taking refuge on the shores of the Red Sea. Lilith not having touched the Tree of Knowledge was not condemned to mortality.

Lilith thus became in the common imagination synonymous with evil.

Ancient legends narrate that Lilith (like Lamia, another goddess who became a demoness) stole children and killed them. The myth that precedes her demonization, on the other hand, recalls her as the protector of pregnant women, invoked to protect pregnant women.

There are some claims that the tempting snake of Genesis was Lilith (some representations represent her with a snake’s tail, others with rapacious claws).

I like to support this hypothesis. I like to think that Lilith allegorically reminds feminine of their own power, the power to choose, the power not to be tameable. I also like to think that Lilith helps women to seek knowledge within themselves and not to outsource the exercise of their power.

The feminist and Wicca movements have revived the myth of Lilith and in some cases made it the symbol of emancipation and feminine strength.

Lilith has the only figure by which expresses femininity. Equally censoring Lilith similarly means making the expression of feminine nature.

Conclusion: The Story might not be biblical, but in my own opinion, it has got nothing to contradict about the Holy Bible.

What is your opinion on this?

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