He is the winner- Archbishop finally reveals the true winner of 2020 elections

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has disclosed a powerful revelation ahead of the election.

December 2020 election is one election that is currently giving the members and executives of the various political parties great headache.

The election has received many prophecies and this has created a lot of controversies concerning who the possible winner is.

The election has as well been compared to other elections in countries like the USA and others, tallying the progress of certain international parties with that of Ghana’s.

This has even triggered more tension and suspicion among Ghanaians.

People claim that a democrat win is a win for the NDC and that of a Republican win is one for the Npp because of their personal observations.

This has become the talk of the day as the election in the USA has been closely monitored by Ghanaians.

Though this is interesting and has been realized for some years now, we are not sure if it will happen in this year’s election as well.

Archbishop Duncan Williams who is currently praying very hard and advocating for a fair and a peaceful election declared: that he (Jesus Christ) is the winner of the election and not man. Unless the Lord builds, the builders build in vain, unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain (Psalm 127:1)- he quoted.

During his live broadcast on the Dominion television, he revealed that the Lord will win this election and that man is only taken and placed into government by God. He revealed that the hearts of Kings lies in the hands of God, and as a result we should leave everything to God as election approaches and continue to promote peace as seen for years.

Archbishop Duncan Williams adding his voice this much to promote peace is what we as Ghanaians need l, especially in these times when leaders of his caliber need to assist in peace making and not otherwise.

Source; Opera News

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