He gave me a lift at 10 pm and ran out of petrol, see what he did to me



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It was Friday night when I decided to hitch hike from my family’s house in the township to the city.

I was Soo much ready to have some fun at a nightclub.

After 3 minutes of standing by the road side, a silver polo stopped and reversed for me. After a brief chat with the guy I entered the car. He was going to the city too, I was very lucky enough to find someone who seems friendly and talks non stop.

I started feeling comfortable and talked with ease as we were undertaking the 30km ride.


He informed me he was rushing to the filling station first thing when he approached town, since his car was low on fuel.

Before I discovered it his car just stopped being in motion. I dont know much about cars but I understood that it might be a petrol problem.

The national road was full of gum trees with no lights and no other cars passing by.

But I tried to keep calm and watched him calling his friends for help. I was tempted to grab my handbag, and hitch hike the next passing car.

He asked me to stay for a while and his friends will be there soon. He started talking dirty to me and licking his lips while staring at me.

I discovered that this might be a trap. I got angry and opened the door and started walking fast towards the dark road.

He followed me and grabbed my hand, I pushed him away and he started yelling at me and told me I can’t just get free rides. He said all nasty things to me, I realized I was in danger.

As he was pulling me, I kicked him on the front twice and he fell down. I took of my heels and ran for my life. Once he regained his strength, he followed, luckily a delivery truck came by, I waved my hand and they stopped for me.

He ran back as soon as he saw the car. I could not breath once I was in the car. Something bad could have happened. I advice other girls to never hitch hike.

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