Halitosis or Bad breath? Try these natural remedies to clear it quickly



Halitosis is a condition that causes a person to exhale an unpleasant scent through the mouth.

This condition can cause a Soo much embarrassment for a person and give them low confidence.

High number of people use different breath fresheners to correct the condition but gum, mouthwashes, mint candies only stop the foul smell temporarily.

Some of these unpleasant odors are so strong and quite disturbing. Most times it is very difficult to assess your own breath odor (you can breath out into your palm,to see if you have bad breath) sometimes when you may have to ask loved ones to alert whenever they smell anything.


Some people have bad breath without knowing.

The major cause for halitosis is poor oral hygiene. Other causes include fermentation of certain foods in between the teeth, and, oral dehydration.The mat-like texture of the tongue lets it trap bacteria and food particles. Also, if dentures are not well cleaned, get in there and breed bacteria that causes bad breath.

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Naturally everyone has a slight mouth odor especially in the mornings, and when your mouth has been shut for long without taking water.

This goes away after brushing, taking water, and, rinsing your mouth. Other factors that trigger the condition include eating foods like garlic and onion without rinsing your mouth or brushing your teeth.

Dehydration is a causative agent of bad breath. Naturally, saliva cleanses the mouth, so if your salivary glands do not produce adequate saliva, it makes the mouth dry leading to bad breath. Mouths naturally dry up during sleep, so you experience dry mouth in your awake hours, you have to consult your dentist.

Bad breath may also be due to gum infections. Plaque on the teeth causes bacteria to develop on the gums and causes gum infections and sores.

Untreated gum diseases damage the gums and jawbone structure. Where proper dental hygiene is maintained yet the odor exists, consult a dentist.You may have to see a general physician if the condition persists.

Besides poor oral hygiene, some underlying health conditions that cause bad breath include, tonsillitis, sinusitis, sore throat, diabetes, infection of the respiratory tract, poorly cleaned dentures, kidney and liver problems, and post nasal drip.Other underlying diseases has to do with blood disorders.

To treat bad breath, brush two times in a day especially after meals with fluoride-rich, anti bacterial tooth paste.
healthy teeth

Lemon water rinse two times a day also neutralizes bad breath.To avoid the acid staying too long on teeth, you will have to rinse your mouth with lukewarm or your usual water.

Swishing warm salt solution in for one minute as a rinse is also good for bad breath.

Herbs including, mint leaves, parsley, basil, rosemary are good for treating bad breath.
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Chewing stick which gotten from the bitter kola tree and chewed for teeth cleaning is also used to eliminate bad breath. The chewing sponge also found mostly in Ghana which induces saliva is also an antidote for bad breath.

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