Green House Development Module And The Amazing Impact

The European Union banned Ghana from vegetable production and export in 2015 and only lifted the ban in 2017 after consistent effort by National Taskforce.

To prevent this problem from recurring, the Green House Development module, one of the five key building blocks of our agricultural revolution, was consummated. Its purpose, among others, is to promote all year round production of horticultural crops for domestic and export markets, increase yields, increase income of farmers and create jobs and opportunities for the youth.

Under the Green House Development Module, there are;

1. Three Greenhouse Villages which have already been built in Dawhenya, Akomadan and Bawjiase.

2. Thirteen (13) commercial Green houses of 5000 square meters in each green house

3. Over 500 Israeli Trained Ghanaian Students manning these villages

4. Nurseries, Post-Harvest Packing Houses, Cooling Rooms, among others are additional facilities

The above are testimonies of government’s commitment to improve yields in horticulture.


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