Good News: GNACOPS Provides Link For i7 Laptops And Tablets Application

Good day faithful operators of Private Education in Ghana.

We thank God for sustaining our businesses from the day of establishment till now.

As part of developing and setting the pace for education delivery in Ghana, the Ghana National Council of Private Schools in collaboration with Celltel Networks Limited and the support of P2S Company Limited, has launched a Digital Education Solution project aiming at distributing *200,000 i7 laptops and 1 million tablets with wifi internet connectivity and learning management systems* to all private schools in Ghana, teachers and pupils.

These tools come with routers with WiFi connectivity that will help *the Schools, Teachers and Students to be connected to the internet and surf through the internet using GOOGLE, CISCO, FACEBOOK AND OTHER PLATFORMS.*

Please use the link below to apply for the laptops, tablets and connectivity in your schools.


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