Good news for those who like eating head of a fish



Eating a well cooked fish is very good. Though, there are people who will tell you they prefer to eat meat rather than fish. But whatever the case, a lot of people still eat a lot of fish.

Fish improves the quality of our delicacy and gives the food a special kind of taste and flavour. It is also very soft and easy to chew. Hence, a preferable choice for children. The highly protenious nature of fish as well, cannot be overemphasized. This protein gotten from fish helps children to develop and also repair worn-out body tissues in our bodies.

Whatever or however the case, a protenious food like fish should not be neglected.

Now let’s look at the impact the head of fish has to our brains;

A lot of people neglect the head of fish ignorant of the fact that it has it’s own advantages. I’ve watched buyers at the market ask the fish vendor to do away with the head of fish after cutting.


Well,the fish head contains nutritious fats which are contained in the fish’s brain. Yes, fish have brain as well. It is in this brain that we find those nutrients that are very good for the brains of humans.

The head of fish also supplies the brain with a high level of vitamin A, which in turn is supplied to the eyes, which helps the brain to see more clearly.

It also provides our brain with what is called, omega 3, that helps the brain fight/resist germs.

Our brain also gets Iron and calcium from the fish brain. . Iron and calcium are good for the surrounding tissues which support our brain walls.

Lastly, the fish brain supplies our brain with the essential nutrients to combat diseases such as brain tumors and brain seizure which is on the increase.

Now, we’ve seen why we shouldn’t throw away the head of fishes. nstead, we should eat it and allow it do it’s profound work on our brains.

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