Good news: 10 foods good for strong errection

The food you consume is of much relevance for sexual health from perfect erection to sperm mortality.

Listed below are the types of food needed for a perfect, strong and healthy male reproductive organ.

1)SPINACH:This increase blood flow in male organs

-It also decrease inflammation in blood vessels.It works as natural viagra.

2)COFFEE:This reduces the factor of erectile dysfunction.It increases blood flow to the penis and also helps in weight loss.

3)BANANA: Is rich in potassium which helps in blood circulation and good for erection.

4)Watermelon:Is a perfect erection food. It increases blood flow to the penis and also naturally naturally strengthening erection.

5)HOT SAUCE:It higher testosterone levels ,decrease belly fat and increase the rate of erection

6)GINGER:This improves your sexual life, boosts levels of testosterone and sperm mortality.

7)POMEGRANATE:Is a natural viagra food.It supports blood flow to the penis.It improves erectile dysfunction and helps to stay longer in bed.

8)DARK CHOCOLATE:This improves the hormone levels and increase the blood flow and helps to relax blood vessels.It also boosts sexual pleasure.

9)NUTS:it improves sperm mortality, testosterone level and hormone health.

10)SALMON FISH:This is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that helps to improve circulation and blood flow.Slamon Fish also trigger arousal.

These are the 10 best foods for your penis health.Do take these foods in your daily diet plan.

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