God doesn’t choose leaders for a country- Pastor Otabil



The founder and leader of the International Central Gospel Church, (ICGC), Pastor Mensa Otabil has set the records straight on how a leader of a nation is made.

Pastor Mensa Otabil speaking in a discussion with some pastors of his church on the theme ‘How Does God Speak to Us’ the astute Ghanaian preacher revealed that God does not appoint a president or a leader of a nation.

According to the learned scholar of the Bible, it is humans or people who appoint or elect a leader.

He is of the view that God does not have a hand during the election or appointment of a president and that a leader is solely the choice of the people.

However, he stated with the firm conviction that God approves the choice made by a group of people because elections are human will.

He further revealed that whenever a leader is chosen by a people, God then sanctions the appointed leader.

“I don’t believe God chooses leaders for a nation, I believe people choose a president and God sanctions their choice.


You cannot say that a particular president is God’s chosen. It is a people’s choice that is why you can be elected and de-elected.

If God chose him, then we can’t vote on him because we choose but God approves”. he stated

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