Go To Court If You Can’t Afford It – Kelvin Taylor

Some Ghanaians have raised a heat of complain about the current hikes in prices of food commodities and a higher standard of living.

Food items in the likes of eggs, maize, beans and soya have all seen a sharp increase in prices due its scarcity in the system.

Joy News TV recently carried a news story about citizens of Ghana complaining bitterly about the hikes in food prices.

This week also began with a marginal increase in petroleum prices making the case worse for Ghanaians especially in this difficult times.

Trotro, taxi drivers and public transport companies have hinted of a possible increase in transportation prices.

Premised on the foregoing, Ghanaian investigative journalist who is based in America, doubling as an ardent critic of the Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo government, Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor, has sarcastically asked Ghanaians to go to court if they cannot afford the price of cooked eggs and pepper locally called (kosua ne mako).

Prices of eggs have seen a sharp increase affecting the price of the delicacies every Ghanaian loves.

Kevin Taylor stated that, Ghanaians voted for another four more years for Akuffo-Addo and so they should go to court if they cannot afford to buy eggs and other consumables.

Source; Opera News

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