GNACOPS fumigates private schools in Ghana…pledges to observe safety protocols



The deadly coronavirus pandemic has distorted the normal way of going about things in the world and for that matter Ghana. Presidents around the world are doing their best to combat the spread of the virus in other to bring back things into normalcy, of which the president of the republic of Ghana His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo has been seen to be playing an effective role to curb the canker of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In the president’s 10th address to the nation, he explicitly stated that final year students of junior high school are to resume to school on 29th June, 2020 to prepare and have their BECE exams written.
This directive came with measures that are supposed to observed, including fumigation of both public and private schools.

We commend the president for the effort being put in play to protect the lives of the citizenry of Ghana

Zoomlion in alliance with the Ghana National council of private schools, Gnacops are on this day of writing, carrying out the fumigation exercise in all the private schools in the country.

The council wishes to bring to the attention of the public that it’s members are ready to observe all social distancing protocols, wearing of nose masks and washing of hands while the learners come to school.


We advise all private school owners to engage parents to decide on the appropriate measures that can be put to action to contain and protect their students in their quest to boarding them in schools.

Adequate effort must be ensured to prepare and ameliorate the academic performance of our students irrespective of the current situation.

Schools with boarding facilities should play instrumental role in this time of crisis by working effectively with the council in other to protect the learners.

On the other hand,schools with no boarding facilities should not go by the ad hoc intention of helping the final year students to pass their exams by containing them in their schools.

We encourage parents to do away with stigmata about the novel coronavirus pandemic, and comply with the schools in which their wards are admitted.

The council is ever ready to provide assistance to all schools in situations that may be difficult for them to handle.

For more exegesis to the above, contact the national communication director of the council on 0548470808.

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