GNACOPS Deflates Powers Of GES, Says “No One Has Been Mandated To Close Our Schools”

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has affected the normal approach to how things are done in all part of the world.

This in our education system, has caused a change in the academic calendar

The change in the academic calendar has affected vacations and other holidays enjoyed by pupils and teachers.

Academic activities were brought to a halt for almost ten months due to the impact of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.
Schools in the country were opened for operation in January, 2021 during the president’s 21st update on the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ghana Education Service, GES, has embarked on a mid-term holiday and to them, all schools whether private or public should also be on mid-term.
This has come compelled the Ghana National Council of Private Schools, GNACOPS to respond that private schools in the country are not ready to go on midterm holiday.

According to the council’s executive director, Mr Enoch Kwasi Gyetuah; schools have lost a lot of contact hours with their learners and it will not be justifiable to go on midterm holidays now.

He described it as worrisome for anyone to forfeit academic work for holidays at a point where more than enough holidays have been enjoyed as a result of the pandemic.*

To the Executive Director, private schools will only honour constitutional holidays as they are ready to be in their classrooms to teach their learners.

” all members have to note that, no one has been mandated to close down our schools for not embarking on midterm holidays. We believe that productivity and for that matter, a man’s output per hour goes with time and we are ready to use the limited time judiciously to achieve all that we have lost academically ” – Mr Gyetuah said.

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