“Give me back my money else…”-failed NPP aspirant to delegates



A political program host at Fox Fx Kwaku Kyeremanteng aka K.K conducted a Saturday evening show on the just ended NPP Primaries with Nana Wusu, who is a regular guest on his shows.

There was a discussion on what transpired at the NPP primaries and the lessons they hope aspirants who lost at the primaries will learn including the executives of the ruling political party.

The host revealed in the course of the show that he had a chart with one of the failed aspirants of the NPP Primaries.

K.K disclosed that the aspirant was none other than Lawyer and businessman Edward Kofi Osei who contested for the Kumawu constituency.

“I have a small revelation to make Nana Wusu” K.K said delightfully.


“What is it K.K?” his guest Nana Wusu asked him.

“My producer spoke to lawyer Edward Kofi Osei earlier before we started the show. We heard allegations circulating that he paid a lot of the Kumawu delegates a sum of 3,500 Cedis each but still lost to Hon. Philip Basoah” said K.K.

“He admitted he did pay the delegates to vote for him” K.K alleged laughing.

“He did?” Nana Wusu asked amidst shock.

“Yes, he said he gave delegates a little something for them to buy a few drinks to quench their thirst, since it was going to be a long day” K.K said still laughing.

“And do you know what’s more funny?” K.K asked.”

He said he heard the incumbent MP and winner of the Kumawu primaries Hon. Philip Basoah, paid delegates much lesser than he did and they still voted for him!”

All panel members the studio burst out laughing when that piece of information was revealed.

“My producer said he said he’s now looking for those delegates who took his money and didn’t vote for him.” K.K said in between laughs.

“Lawyer Kofi Osei said he has even enlisted the help of a few macho men and they are fervently looking for those duplicitous delegates”.

“He said some of them have even run away from their homes but he doesn’t care. He will still track them and collect his money back from them”

“My producer asked him to come on the show earlier but he declined saying he didn’t want to discuss it on air so this is the situation with our politics now”.

“I will update listeners about this affair if I get any new info” he concluded.

K.K and Nana Wusu then carried on with the rest of the show.

Source; opera news

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