Ghana’s “Galamsey” Fight; “God Has To Come In”- KMA Boss

City Mayor for Kumasi Metropolis Hon Osei Assibey has announced that President Akuffo-Addo is prepared to clamp-down all form s of illegal mining activities in the country.

He underlined that though there are challenges ahead of the country which galamsey is part, the President is poised towards effecting measures that will restore Ghana to a position where there will be clean water for all to drink.

Addressing members of the Ahmadiya Muslim Mission in Kumasi on Thursday 13th May 2021 as they were observing a mass prayer to mark the celebration of Edi-Fitr, Hon Assibey made an indication that the fight against “galamsey” can’t be successful through the sole effort of man.

“God has to come in”, hence the need for all to pray for Ghana.

He urged that all must pray for the nation so that security officials who have been tasked to clamp down persons involved in illegal mining will do their work professionally.

“If they (security) go with the fear of the Lord, they will do their job very well and within the shortest possible time, Ghana will have good water to drink”.

He retraited that the NPP government is not against mining but the improper way of mining.


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