Ghana’s Economic Crisis: Prophet Nyameba Spells Out Antidote



The Founder and leader of “Oman Ghana Yiedie Mpaebo Kuo” Prophet Nyameba Emmanuel a.k.a “Bible Prophet” has outlined measures needed to save Ghana from the present economic mess.

He has asserted that the nation Ghana is blessed with many natural resources and therefore has no reason to be poor.

“Why should we still have to go and borrow from other countries when we are blessed with gold, manganese,oil,cocoa, diamond, etc.”

“Obviously there is something wrong somewhere. Let’s come together and pray massively for this country and Ghana will be saved from this bad situation.”, he appealed.

He added that Ghana has lost its glory because of the curses upon curses the leaders of the country had brought due to their evil deeds to satisfy their selfish power interest.


He said he has received seven prophecies about Ghana and has been directed by God to use honey to purify Ghana from its bad fortune.

“I have been directed by the Living God to deliver Ghana from its bad fortune through

The River Oda and Subin Rivers in Accra and Kumasi respectively were blessed by God purposely

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