Ghana FDA turns toothless bulldog as inferior face-masks take over market



The influx of substandard face-masks on the market in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the weakness of Ghana Food and Drugs Authority.

Authority’s mandate as in ensuring that all homemade face-masks produced by local manufacturers satisfy the officially outlined recommendations seems to have been hit by an iceberg as a number of inferior ones are still on sale by vendors.

The above highlighted nuisance has become a big worry for Ashanti regional executives of Ghana National Tailors and Dressmaking Association, premised on the reason that Authorities have until now failed to enforce the requirements for  production.

A high abuse of outlined specifications by quack dealers which include; length, width, thickness, porosity  of the face mask, filtration of bacteria capacity, fabric used in manufacturing the product among others characterize the market- a great health risk to Ghanaians.


Speaking to the regional chairman for the Association Mr. Eric Boakye Yiadom, he informed on how officials in a recent meeting spelt out to their resolved decision to register and for that matter certify manufacturers in conformity with FDAs new requirements for production of homemade face masks plus other specific recommendations.

Though the move was aimed at flashing out from the market inferior products and producers, the initiative has hitherto not seen the light of day.

According to the Chairman, a high number of face masks currently sold on the market pose a great threat and cannot in anyway protect Ghanaians from catching the coronavirus infection.

For most of them, layers of the fabric which has a direct contact with the face are not plain let alone free from poisonous chemicals.

“Some consist of only one layer and as a result cannot filter out bacteria”, he disclosed.

He also noted that the market price of product has so much been cheapened by manufacturers such that members are discouraged from joining the production since they have realized  that they will run at a loss considering the cost of production.



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