Get Rid Of Them Before They Disgrace You- Prophet Oduro To Nana Addo

President Akufo-Addo has just been strongly cautioned to be on his guard and rid himself the influence of some baf characters around him who are seeking his downfall.

Founder and Leader of Alabaster Ministry International, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has told the President that he has crowded himself with some evil men who only seek their selfish interest and are bent on manipulating truth.

The Prophet sounded bold and voiceferous as he spoke about the misinformation that are being churned out to the President regarding what happena in the country.

He lamented that such people seek not the glory of the President but his doom.

“I’m telling you, better get rid of them lest they will disgrace you. They are hypocrites, snakes, vipers and evil. Some of these people will never pray for you, Your Excellency,” he noted in his message late night.

He went further to indicate that because he speaks the truth, one including the President may not like him but he will rebuke him if he errs.

“We may never have the opportunity to have tea with you. We may never visit you in your office at Jubilee House but we really love you. Your Excellency, whom God loves he chastises. The fact that we speak truth does not mean we do not love somebody. Truth is truth and you can’t do anything against it.

“You may not like this voice, you may not like this style but I am telling you, and you ought to listen.”

Source; Opera News

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