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Get ready; This is what NASA said will happen today 21st June 2020



Nasa astronomers are saying that there will be an annular solar eclipse today, 21st, Sunday, June 2020.

The Moon will be so far from Earth, that its relative size will fall to cover the Sun completely, leaving a little or no outer rim of visibility for viewers on earth. T

This trigger the creation of a ring of fire in the sky.

However, NASA astronomers again announced that the solar eclipse that will be happening today, on June 21st 2020, is the first solar eclipse in year 2020.


Meanwhile, the second and last solar eclipse of the year 2020 will occur in the month of December and it would not be visible to most Asian countries.

They went far to give explanation on the solar eclipse that will be happening this morning, saying, “when the Moon the Sun and the Earth align in a straight line, such that the Moon comes between the Sun and the earth blocking the rays of the Sun from reaching Earth leaving a deemed or darken light for viewers on Earth,” is said to be an annular solar eclipse.

Premised on this alignment, there are three types of solar eclipse these include:

1. Partial Solar Eclipse.

Lunar eclipse and solar eclipse, both may appear as a partial eclipse. In a partial solar eclipse the moon passes the center of the sun, leaving a crescent shape section of the sun’s visibility. It casts just the outer part of its shadow, known as the “penumbra” on earth.

2. Annular Solar Eclipse.

An annular solar eclipse can be classified as a solar eclipse if the Moon completely covers the Sun. In annular solar eclipse, the Moon covers the Sun from the centre leaving the outer rim of the Sun’s precipitate. However, this gives an impression of a ring that is mainly referred as a “Ring Of Fire”.

3. Total Solar Eclipse

In the case of total solar eclipse, the moon absolutely cover the entire circle of the sun. This happens when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, thereby casting a darker shadow in surface of the Earth, that is called an “Umbra”. Most at times, this gets almost as dark as night.

On Sunday morning of June 21st 2020, people from different parts of the world will be able to witness a clear visibility of what is commonly known as a “Ring Of Fire”

It was made clear by the NASA scientist that most parts of the Asia countries, Africa, South Africa, Europe, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Australia, South Arabia and Indonesia will be able to observe this astronomical event clearly.

However, a NASA astronomer, took to his page to explain how a solar eclipse occur.

This astronomer further stated that, whenever the moon the sun and the earth forms a straight line, we either witness a solar eclipse a lunar eclipse, depending on the position the three systems are relating to each other. when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, it blocks the rays and lights of the Sun directly from reaching the Earth, thereby creating a solar eclipse.

On the other hand, a caution was given by this NASA astronomers on what to do and what not to do during the solar eclipse.

He gave a caution saying “don’t look at the sun ordinarily with your eyes, and sunglasses shouldn’t be used in viewing this phenomenon. Lastly, don’t look at the reflection of the eclipse in water.

Source; opera news

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