George Floyd’s murder; Minneapolis city council vows to dissolve police department



A high number of Minneapolis City Council has vowed to pull apart the local police department.

It will mark a significant move amid nationwide protests sparked by George Floyd’s death.

Nine out of the 13 councilors made a statement that; “new model of public safety” would be formed in a city where law enforcement has been accused of racism.

According to activists, the step is a turning point. Commentators are also raising statements that Minneapolis can now expect a long and multifarious argument over policing and it remain unclear what form of structural reform it will take.

Below is a statement read by the nine councilors to hundreds of protesters on Sunday;


“We are here because here in Minneapolis and in cities across the United States it’s clear that our existing system of policing and public safety is not keeping our communities safe”, said the City Council President Lisa Bender .

“Our effort at incremental reform has failed. Period”, she added.

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