GAMA SWP Bio-digester Toilet: Editor Joins Advocacy…Urges House Owners To Take Advantage



Managing Editor for Leaky News Online( Enock Akonnor has admonished house owners to subscribe to the ongoing construction of bio digester toilet facilities under the World Bank sponsored GAMA/GKMA Sanitation and Water Project.

Majority of house owners appear so much inclined to the traditional septic tank and manholes which require periodic emptying.

He has underlined that the significance of the GAMA/GKMA bio- digester lavatories far outweigh that of the former which requires a capacious hole to store human excreta.

“The septic system is even too much expensive unlike the affordable and durable GAMA/GKMA bio-digester toilet facilities which government of Ghana through funding support from the World Bank is providing at a subsidized price”.

Apart from the affordability factor, the Managing Editor underlined that one of the major problems of the conventional septic tank is the foul smell it produces.


“GAMA/GKMA Bio-digesters toilets are 100 percent odor free”, he enlightened.

Enock Akonnor explained that bio-digester tank is a closed system, which gives off no odor from human waste.

“It in-turn eliminates flies and other insects from the facility and increases hygiene in the long run.”

He added in an interview that the bio-digester system is environment friendly and does not pollute the air.

Still in his admonishing, he underlined that not having a toilet at home come with so many disadvantages.

“For example; one will have to cross the street during night hours to defecate in a public latrine situated miles away.

The sad thing is that, a child may sometimes fall into it by accident. Safety and health of users can’t be assured under that system”.

He has therefore called on house owners who have not registered yet to register at their respective municipal assemblies for a GAMA/GKMA bio-digester toilet.

According to statistics, 4.5 billion people in the world live without access to safe toilet. Some use public latrine.


The GAMA Sanitation and Water Project for Ghana is World Bank grant of US$150 million to support the Government of Ghana’s efforts to increase access to improved sanitation and improved water supply in the GAMA, with emphasis on low-income communities and to strengthen management of environmental sanitation in the GAMA.
The project has four components. The first component is the provision of environmental sanitation and water supply services to priority low-income areas of the GAMA. The second component is improvement and expansion of the water distribution network in the GAMA. The third component is planning, improvement, and expansion of GAMA-wide environmental sanitation services and the fourth component is the institutional strengthening of municipal, metropolitan and national institutions.
Main Objectives
The Provision of Environmental Sanitation and Water Supply Services to priority low-income areas of the GAMA
The objective of this component is to increase the access to environmental sanitation and water supply services in low-income areas of the GAMA with a strong focus on liquid sanitation. This component also includes the development and implementation of a hygiene and sanitation behavior change campaign targeted at low-income households, and a major learning and dissemination effort aimed at informing a large-scale institutionalized approach to upgrading sanitation in low-income communities.

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